Top 20 Famous Logos Designed in Red


Most of the logos are first designed in grey scale as it’s the best practice in design process, but it’s the color which gives logo the true essence. During my weekly web walk for design inspiration, I came across so many famous brands that use “Red” in their Brand Identify.

Though Red is commonly associated with blood and danger, still used in most of the famous brands due to its association with many emotions like love, passion and sacrifice (You can read more about Red here. Since Red is a bold primary color it makes greatest impact on viewers mind building confidence and trust. I know you all eager to see which those famous brands are? Of course you can do a search on web to find them. But I have done that job for you and brought most of them in this post. Below is a list of top 20 famous logos designed in Red. I might have missed some, please do inform me so that I can add them to this list. Don’t forget to leave your thought and for more stories like this please subscribe to our feed.



Red famous logos Adobe
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Coca Cola

Red famous logos coca cola
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Red famous logos
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Red famous logos virgin
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Red famous logos Toyota
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Red famous logos Mitsubishi
Image Source

American Red Cross

Red famous logos Red Cross
Image Source


Red famous logos Formula1
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Red famous logos LIFE
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Red famous logos Puma
Image Source


Red famous logos Canon
Image Source


Red famous logos AIDS
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Red famous logos youtube
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Red famous logos Heinz
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Red famous logos ESPN
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Red famous logos TLC
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Movies Now

Red famous logos Movies Now
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Red famous logos Motorola
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Red famous logos Disnep
Image Source

Swiss Airlines

Red famous logos Swiss Sirlines
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I Love New York

I Love New York I Love New York
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