Eccentric ‘Tiny’ Patterns by J Jonny

J Jonny or J. Jonny Shaw is an artist based out of Louisville, Kentucky. His trade is in comic art and illustration. He creates off-the-line and inventively funny comics and comic strips. He publishes these on the web, mainly on his Tumblr page and on Darling Sleeper. He also does commercial Posters and other promotional material.

But our attention today is on his ‘Tiny Patterns’ series. These are hand drawn minimalist patterns formed with just single tone black colour. Rough shapes with strong outlines add to the quirkiness of the designs. They might even be perceived as being of psychedelic nature owing to their uneven repetition and amorphous form. In fact, that is what makes these designs unique, that every portion is hand sketched and distinctive.

J Jonny has succeeded in giving these patterns a character founded in travesty and eccentricity.

Apart from their obvious use in diary or hard Bound end-papers, these designs can also be used to bring life into your website design. Patterns like these can be used to subtly fill the empty space and give the visitors something to stare at, other than the staggering white.

Finally, here are the ten designs. Enjoy!











Artist: J. Jonny
Artist’s Site:
All the works displayed on this page are copyright to artist.


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