Stylish Ipad sleeve made from recycled leather

If you are an Ipad fan and love to carry it in a stylish sleeve, that too with Eco-friendly touch, sounds interesting right? Dewdrop Designs is a design studio that has come up with customized Ipad sleeves made from recycled leather. Simple imagery of plant, starfish, octopus and shell are hand drawn using metallic paint. These pouches are so attractive that it adds to the style statement of your Ipad look, while keeping it safe from scratches and dust. I just love these exclusive designer pouches and suggest you to try one. There are other accessories like leather bags, Journals, Folio, Zipper case, Leather Wrap, Guest book etc. are also available in this style. Also there are some creative circular card set and elegant hand-made products to try your hands on. Please visit for more attractive products.

Fish IPAD Sleeve

White IPAD Sleeve with Starfish

Gold Magnolia IPAD Sleeve

Metallic IPAD Sleeve

Butterfly Passport Case

Silver Mum Photo Album

Travel Collection

Artist: Gillian


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