Splendid Illustrations by Catnez!

Catnez is an artist who basically dabbles in drawings. Having studied Advertising and Design from Beunos Aries, this artist hails from the Eastern Argentinian coast.

His drawings are a genre in themselves. The images that he comes up with are a poignant yet classy reminder of the days of yore when we, as children, would scribble our way through childhood until coherent thoughts would find their way on to paper in the form of…well, forms. Cartez is the master of these forms, of these reminders of our childhood. In fact, his images could be anyone’s childhood. The concepts that his images show are equally fun and whimsical.

When Cartez decided to find his design calling, his childhood called out instead. The effect is an extremely pleasing one where fantasy meets reality in a basic, simple way that seriously tugs at heart strings. The colours are softened and the characters appear deep in thought. Coming of age seems to be the basic theme here, and we have say, we more than love!

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Artist: Catnez
Artist’s Site : http://catnez.com.ar/
All the works displayed on this page are copyrighted to artist.


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