Marvel’s Superheroes from Polygons by Christos Ellinas

Christos Ellinas is a graphic artist who works out of Athens, Greece. That’s a part of Europe we don’t see a lot of artists from. Besides graphic design, his mainstay also includes web designing. Today we’re taking a look at a series of illustrations he calls ‘Polygons Heroes’ which is somewhat of a redesigning of the Marvel’s Superheroes- in a different medium one may say.

This project displays an innovative and refreshing use typography; the types are composed of bare polygons. The Polygon Heroes are essentially collages composed of diversely shaped polygons. Collage is one of the most time consuming and difficult forms of art, and Christos has excelled in it. These works are ingenious in their use of hues and values. The colours are what gives these compositions life. Since he has used them with such flawlessness, it demands nothing but praise for his talent.








Artist: Christos Ellinas
Artist’s Site:
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