Positive Use of Negative Space by Malika Favre

As a designer I always keep my eyes open for inspirational design trends. My design quest took me to Malika Favre, a London based French graphic designer. Malika’s works are minimal, beautiful, bright yet elegant. I greatly admire the way she uses NEGATIVE SPACE to give dimension to her subject. Some of her portraits are beautifully depicted with minimal use of shapes and colors. Her Kama sutra illustrations for Penguin publication has been a smash hit. With all respect, I feature her work in our shape love section. Please have a look at the positive use of negative space.

All the images in this post are copyrighted to the designer.

Artist: Malika Favre
Location: London
Artist: http://www.malikafavre.com/


Hi Guys, I am Chithara founder of this blog. Designing is my profession and TDL is more than just a passion. I spend most of my time flipping through good design and share them with you.

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