Peace Out of Noise in Sebastian Onufszak’s Designs

Sebastian Onufszak is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Augsburg, Germany.
He is also an art director. Working mainly on big-budget commercial projects, he’s an industry veteran; been here since 2001. 15 years experience is something to boast about!


His intimidating client list includes names like Audi, Karl Lagerfeld, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Nike, Pepsi, Porsche, Ray Ban, Red Bull. These big-wigs are only a part of the long list of equally impressive clients.

In a lot of his works one can see chaos coming together to forms; rebellious strokes and lines falling into place in his astounding awe-inspiring compositions. He depends heavily on colours as part of his visual language to communicate.


The projects are hard to categorize in anything form other than abstract. Versatility is abound and you can’t tell one project from the other. This is a virtue rarely seen these days. This makes it very difficult to close in on his style.

Onufszak commands an inspiring mastery over motion graphics. Here he relies on 3D, another field in which he excels. He uses 3D to render reality and to manipulate it (by incorporating 3D shapes with flat designs). Even when he’s not working with literal motion, his works almost always carry suggestions to motion.


In many projects he incorporates heavily manipulated photography, but never lets it take the centerstage; his colourful shapes are always there to adorn the images.

Use of typography is scarce. But where it is used, the different letters are juxtaposed in such a way that the effort required to make the words out attracts attention and interest; binding the composition together.

Here are some of Onufszak’s works for you to feed your eyes.













Artist: Sebastian Onufszak
Artist’s Site:
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