Innovative products from waste materials!

Have you ever thought of doing something out of your cold drink CAP? Have you ever imagined the seat of your old bicycle standing in the garage can decorate your living room? Have you ever seen the accessories made from your grandfather’s wrist watch? Well, I will not keep your excitement on hold. Lula Dot, a London based design studio has come up with such innovative products made from the materials that we usually think as Waste! Lula Dot founded by Lucy Norman aimed to create Recycled and Eco friendly products for urban lifestyle. Below listed are some of the innovative products designed by Lula Dot.

Reused PET bottle lamp with collectable and changeable caps

Back In The Saddle
This Seat was commissioned by North South Ideas Gallery for their bicycle show in Highgate.

Light Reading
Chandelier made from unwanted books

Clock Face Earrings
Made from the insides of broken watches.

Flavor Flav
Chain Made from the insides of broken watches.

Three Silver Cogs
Made from the insides of broken watches.

Clock Face Bracelet
Made from the insides of broken watches.

All the images are copyrighted to author.

Artist: Lula Dot
Location: London
Artist’s Site :



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