Free Vector Happy Bunny Logo


Free Vector Happy Bunny Logo
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This happy bunny logo has been created with as much as simplicity as a designer can safely use, without entering the minimalist realm. The shapes are plain, almost dull. But! they have a function, that is to lead the eye to the folded ear, which is what makes this logo stick to the memory.

The teal colour filling this vector bunny logo communicates a feeling of serenity and wisdom. This is a very positive reflection for any firm’s branding.

The curvy hand-written type contrasts the simple geometric, computer aided lines of the bunny and brings down the industrial feeling down a notch. This balances the whole logo to the perfect point.


Hi Guys, I am Chithara founder of this blog. Designing is my profession and TDL is more than just a passion. I spend most of my time flipping through good design and share them with you.

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