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WordPress Download Monitor is one of the best plugin through which you can give downloads to your site visitors. In brief it allows you to upload files, store it on your server and share it with your readers. Before we jump to customize it we need to install it first.

Here it goes…

Download WP Download Monitor and upload to WP plugin directory using any FTP software. Once upload is complete, go to your wp-admin control panel, search for WordPress Download Monitor and activate it.

Find the “Downloads” tab located on left side of your wp admin panel and click on configuration link. Well, this is the place where our customization takes place.

Here I will explain how to integrate a nice download button and display some necessary information about the downloadable file. As you know for a busy visitor of your blog, giving some info about what he is going to download will always help. So here we are providing the Download title, Hits, License type, File size, File type and a nice n bold Download button.

First of all, in “Add format section” give a name to your download format in the name field. Copy and paste the code below to the format field and hit the add button.  Now you have the code that inserts a download link in your post.

You may use a variety of download info from the “Available Tags” section. See the “Example Formats” section to use them effectively.

Title: {title}
 Hits: {hits}
 licence: Free
 File Size: {size}
 File Type: {filetype}

To add a custom download button graphic. Download the button graphic form below link and select one that suit your theme and upload it to wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/img/ directory.

Assuming that you have uploaded “download-2.png” here is the code you have to put in Download image path.( See the screen shot)

Once you have done all the above steps, hit “save changes” button. Great, now you have a custom download button with necessary info when you insert a download item in your next post. Here is how your download button should look. Happy blogging.

Download Button Graphics
Format: .ai + .eps + .jpg + .png in zip
Hits: 333

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