Best of Typography Design Vol 2

As a designer I do a lot of research on latest trends in the design community. This time I kept my focus on one of the creative design form “Typography”, If you are new to the term typography, it is a design created using a typeface or with custom type form. I am not going to elaborate the basics of typography you can learn more about it here. In this post I am focusing on beautiful typography design that can pour some inspiration to get your creative juices flow. Below is a list of kick ass typography design form various designers of the community. Have a look and tell us which would your be favourite and why?

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Books typography

Pinpression Typeface

Pinpression Typeface

Echo Bites

Echo Bites Typography

Write a Bike

Write a Bike Typography 1

Write a Bike Typography 2

Smoke + Type

Smoke + Type Typography 1

Smoke + Type Typography 2

Letter form for the Ephemeral

Letter form for the Ephemeral

Nike – Just Do It – Experimental Project

Nike Just Do It- Experimental-Typography

Melbourne Dance Company

Melbourne Dance Company Typography

Steady as She Goes

Steady as She Goes

Qalto typeface

Qalto typeface 1

Qalto typeface 2

Qalto typeface 3

Expressive Typography 

Type as image Type as image-1

Type as image Type as image-2

Type as image Type as image-3

Daisy – Typo


Angle Type

Angle Type Typography

Unire i Punti

Unire I Punti Typography 2

Unire I Punti Typography 1

Towel Alphabet

Towel Alphabet Typography

All images in this post are copyrighted to its designers featured on TDL for inspiration purpose only.


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