TheDesignLove is a platform for Design professionals and enthusiasts to get design inspiration, resources and share their work with the design world. We aim to provide high quality information on design. We also seek to feature world-class artists and artwork from diverse fields.

Take a Pause!

Design, is a word that evokes trends, passion, linear qualities and a host of elements that contribute to an “easy on the eye” and impressionable feel. With design, one can achieve pleasing effects and that texture within one’s space and sensibilities.

Virtual and graphic design is no different. In this realm, design becomes a way of linking people and creating instant impressions. It has an aspect of active imagination where the design rendered on a screen comes alive in the minds of the viewer. The design of The Design Love website, is a simple, unhurried one that lets the case studies take centre stage.

To begin with, let us speak of the white palette that soothes and draws the eye to the stories rather than the design itself. Then comes the all-important logo: a simple red D with a white heart within. It has an edge and its yet a simple rendering that can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Further, the stories have all been categorized by colour, shape, pattern, typo, artist, blog, freebie and various other; with the word love following each link’s name. Effective design and careful arrangement are the two basic elements that have been used here. Also, the hot pink heart at the right hand corner of each page travels with you as you scroll up and down, as a testament of where you are and what you are doing: looking at a board of things that someone loves enough to write about.

With the central theme being love, it would have been easy for the designer here to run a riot of colours, shapes, figures and more, all in an attempt to synthesize the powerful energy around the word and depict it. Yet, love has been shown here with all its simplicity, in a no frills manner that will appeal to all. It actually is all about loving design because the site focuses purely on the things that are easy to love within its various links and categories.

In being able to create something so simple to showcase such a plethora of designs, the designer has truly put in an unhurried effort that speaks of due consideration to the love of design. This website really is a classic example of theme meets design, and the efficiency of it all.

So the message is loud and clear. Design? Have to love it.