7 Steps To Successful Logo Design

Logo design is one of the best and challenging jobs in the world of visual design. Everyone dreams to be a successful logo designer, but success in logo design does not come at ease. You have to be creative in thinking and executing your right concept at right time. So to implement your thoughts you need to follow certain steps. Those steps that take you to the top of  logo design business. Below are seven simple steps you must follow religiously to get yourself in the proper process of logo design.

Step 1 : Understanding Client Needs

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First and for most understanding client needs is very important step in creating a logo that brings success to your client and you as well. Listen to your client briefing carefully and make note of the key factors like their USP, logo style, typography, color preference and their competitors.

Step 2 : Research and analysis

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After you understand client needs, do an in-depth research of your client’s business and their competitors. It helps you with a strong foundation for your conception process and to design your logo better than your client’s competitors. 

Step 3 : Brainstorming for concepts


It’s always a better idea to capture all your concepts on a sketch pad during brainstorming your logo. Do as many concepts as possible in the beginning, then select few of your concepts which you feel have potential and refine them.

A nice book to sketch your concepts is BEHANCE DOT GRID BOOK

Step 4 : Digitize your concepts

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Once you complete Step 3 you will have at least 3 concepts that can be digitized. It is always a safe bet to design your logo in vector format. This gives flexibility to scale your logo without losing any detail. Adobe illustrator is best choice to create vector design.

Choosing right typography to your logo is a major step. Always keep your fonts limited to two. Too many fonts could be disruptive. Here is a nice list of font combination.

Step 5 : Design in black and white

Egg & Spoon

You must design your logo in black and white since it gives more room to use negative space effectively and in most cases your client will print  in black on white or vice versa. 

Step 6 : Choosing colors for logo

Image Source: sxc.hu

After refining the minute details in your logo symbol and typography your design is ready to experiment with colors. Always give importance to client preferred colors, but it is also good to give your own options. Note, giving too many options can confuse you clients, so be choosy while presenting your final art work.

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Step 7 : Presenting your final artwork

client logo presentation

Presentation is the final and major step, you have to be extra careful while presenting your logos to the client. You should convey your concepts with clear views and how they are going to work for their brand identity. Best way to present your logo will be using contextual images. A Flickr images with Creative Commons License come handy.

Above steps are just guidelines, following them will make you a better logo designer. Remember great logo designer is the one who follows these complicated steps to create simple, conceptual and memorable logo design that test the time.


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