15 Cool Sleek Free Fonts for Designers

You may have good visual communication skills, but a design’s verbal communication is always through words. This is where fonts play a vital role. Choosing a right font for your typography is not an easy job, you must have a good collection of fonts to choose the right one that takes your design to next level. As you know owning a variety of fonts can make a big hole in your pocket, but our design community is kind enough to give some cool fonts for free. Below is a collection of beautiful thin fonts that could be used in your design project. Check it out.

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Cool Sleek Free Font Accent
Download from Source



Cool Sleek Free Font POIRET
Download from Source

Che’s Bone

Cool Sleek Free Font Che's-Bone
Download from Source 


Cool Sleek Free Font Acorn
Download from Source


Cool Sleek Free Font Existence Light
Download from Source

Modeno Font

Cool Sleek Free Font Modeno
Download from Source

Dayang Senandung

Cool Sleek Free Font Senandung
Download from Source

Tall Boy

Cool Sleek Free Font Tall Boy
Download from Source

Bondoluo Peek

Cool Sleek Free Font Bondoluo Peek
Download from Source


Cool Sleek Free Font Matilde
Download from Source


Download from Source

Sonrisa Thin Font

Cool Sleek Free Thin Font
Download from Source


Cool Sleek Free Font Satellite
Download from Source


Cool Sleek Free Font BonvenoCF
Download from Source


Cool Sleek Free Font DISCO
Download from Source


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    1. This is a cool tool for webmasters. The only real proeblm i can see besides loading time is when google will erase one of the fonts. This won’t be the case for the next five years at least. But still it is a good thing to consider. Also if you want to avoid this you have the option to download your fonts.

        1. This post seems to recieve a big aoummnt of visitors. How do you get visitors to it? It gives a pleasant special spin on issues. I guess having a thing authentic or substantial to talk about may be the most significant factor.

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